Create Your Marketing Video

Create Your Marketing Video

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Want to finally get your message to stand out?

Have a product or service to promote?

Want to get PAID to create simple videos for paying clients?

Create Your Marketing Video course is for you.

This beginner-level course goes from “soup to nuts” to bring you everything you need to know to start creating effective and compelling videos like the big brands are sharing on social media and on their websites.

Social media is slowly becoming more and more video-based – don’t get left behind. Video can make the difference between being seen and being ignored online. You don’t want to be ignored.

The goal of this course is to teach you how to create a promotional video. If you follow along and do the work, my hope is that by the end of the course you’ll have created the first of many promotional videos that will benefit your business.

The top 3 reasons why people don’t create marketing videos are as follows:

      1. People think that video creation is expensive or they can’t afford to hire a marketing firm (like mine) to create videos for them. GOOD NEWS! In reality, video can be very inexpensive to create – even free. You just have to know where to find the right resources and software.
      2. Many people don’t want to be on camera and they think they must appear in their videos in order for the video to be compelling. GOOD NEWS! Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t want to be on camera… You don’t have to be on camera. In fact, it may actually be detrimental for you to be in the video. If your smiling face doesn’t further your cause, why bother? In this course, I show you how to create videos without you having to ever be seen.
      3. Some video creation software is Mac based and some is PC based. If you are concerned that you don’t have the right computer you need not worry!  GOOD NEWS! The software that is utilized in this course is web-based so it works on any computer. Plus there is even an associated app for your smart-phone or tablet.

So here’s what you get in this course:


Module 1: Course Overview

It’s so very important to get the big picture first and the understanding of where you are going and how you and your audience will benefit from your marketing videos. Module 1 has 3 topics to help you to set your expectations and goals for this course.

Module 2: The Stats

Wouldn’t you like to know what the best brands and biggest and most well-renowned marketers doing with video marketing? In this module we get inside the head of the experts. Together we deep-dive through everything we know about where promotional videos are now and where they are headed in the future.

Module 3: Planning

Not sure what to create or what elements you need to create your video?  We’ll go through 7 real-world examples together in detail and break them all down so you can see what elements were put together to create the video. Plus, you’ll be exposed to the different kinds of videos that successful brands are creating.

Then we discuss the concept of one message per video and the importance of sticking to that principle.

Module 4: Resources

Here’s where things really get fun. I’ll show you exactly step-by-step where to find the pictures, footage, audio, graphics and voiceover that you need for your video. There are tons of FREE resources available to you if you just know where to find them – and I show you where to find them.

Module 5: Creating Your Video

We’ll create 3 videos together, step-by-step, click-by-click. You’ll see it all happen right on your screen so you can create a video too.

But first I introduce you to my favorite video creation software and show you how you can use any of their plans (including a free plan) to create your videos. I go over the entire back-end of the software detailing every button so you understand how it works.

Then we create a Product Video. We edit the product video. We create a Video Meme. Finally, we pull out all of the stops and create a detailed “explainer video” complete with all of the bells and whistles including voiceover and music.

Module 6: Tips for Sharing Your Video with the World

You probably already know where you can share your video, but you may not know how to share your videos in a way that is most efficient and effective. I cover the major social media platforms to give you the latest techniques for sharing your videos for maximum impact and ease.

There are 6 modules, hours of instructions with one goal in mind – help you to create promotional videos for paying clients or for yourself.

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What makes this course even better?

The training is immediately available to you after purchase,
on-demand, at your convenience, “forever.”


You’ll have access to any updates that I make to this training. You pay for the training once and as the software gets better and better you’ll have the latest training from me to make sure you keep up-to-date.


As bonus to your course, you’ll get be invited to join a closed Facebook Group exclusively for students of this course. You’ll network with the best and I’ll answer your questions related to this training in the group.


To learn more about the course, see the free introductory webinar below and I hope you’ll join me inside the course. Just press the button below to purchase the course and get immediate access to all of the modules today.


I’ve charged thousands of dollars to create one promotional video for a client. Now you can learn how to create fun and easy promotional videos yourself and not have to pay anyone to make them for you.

You can also learn how to create promotional videos so that you can selll them as a service for businesses that need and want to make promotional videos.

Your investment for this course is a one-time fee of $197 for lifetime access to this course.


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