None of the courses presented on this website make any sort of promise as to your ability to implement or profit from the courses in any way. I try to make the courses as easy to understand and implement as possible, of course, but I have no idea how technically minded you are, whether or not you will follow through with the instructions as given or how determined you are to make things work. Nothing in any offer or course is meant to give any implication as to future earnings. In fact, most people who buy any sort of online course will never take action or follow through. Here’s the bottom line, marketing is hard and takes work and risk. You need to do your own due diligence before making any purchase and if you do purchase a course you need to make sure to follow through with implementing the course to the best of your ability  – and even then, you may see little or no results of any sort. This is real life and if what I teach was easy, everyone would be doing it and they’re not. If you are looking for “the silver bullet” or some get rich quick scheme, I’m not your gal.